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As more and more people are getting dependent on the internet every day, there has been no better time for small businesses to take advantage of it. This is especially true for small time companies in the developing countries.

When it comes to building an online presence, a functional website is a must-have to establish credibility on the internet.

That being said, lack of technical know-how compels many small businesses to bypass the set up of a self-hosted website and do business on the social media instead, such as Facebook and Google Plus.

These small companies maintain their online presence on social media with premade templates available for free on those sites, rather than creating, managing, and promoting a dedicated website for the company. Because after setting up a social media account, it only needs to be populated with contents.

Anyone, with a little bit of computing experience, can do it.

For this reason, customers may not take a company’s business seriously that establish its online presence through social media only.

In addition to the dearth of technical knowledge, other factors that inhibit small businesses to establish a true online presence include fear of incurring extra cost associated with creating and maintaining a website, reluctance to invest time, and concern for security.

To help small businesses make their presence on the web and grow their business further, Pathway Online Development (pod henceforth) has come forward with affordable and effective solutions.


How to grow your business with pod


We help small businesses leverage the power of web in the following ways:


  • Make user friendly responsive website and host it with a secured, reliable and affordable web-hosting company.
  • Create easily navigable clutter-free web pages.
  • Put as much useful information as possible, including but not limited to location address, contact phone numbers and email address, and examples of successfully completed past projects.
  • Grow organic website traffic by creating and/or developing contents that are finely optimized for search engines.
  • Use social media to promote businesses and reach even more audience.

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